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Arabella Jane Sinclair

Lecturer, Computer Science

University of Aberdeen
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About me

I am a Lecturer (assistant professor) in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Aberdeen. My work explores speaker adaptation in dialogue, specifically how speakers align to one another as they (try to) find common ground. I am very interested in exploring how humans adapt to one another as they interact or communicate. To that end, my work involves analysing human properties of language in a dialogue setting, analysing whether machine generated text contains human-like linguistic properties, and, more recently, whether modern language models exhibit similar patterns to humans when exposed to certain linguistic phenomena.
I am interested in applying my work to collaborative and educational settings, as well as exploring more general communicative properties of language. My research interests include Natural Language Processing, Computational Linguistics, Cognitive Science and Education.

Open positions

PhD position: I am excited to announce I have a fully funded PhD position open to applicants who want to work with me on adaptive, audience-aware NLG. Full Project Description


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Educational Programming Languages: The Motivation to Learn with Sonic Pi PPIG (Psychology of Programming Interest Group) presents the results of a study exploring the effects of different programming languages on new learners' success at retaining programming concepts, conducted at Cambridge University under the supervision of Alan Blackwell. I also gave a talk about it, the details of which can be found at